Struct std::collections::hash_map::RandomState [] [src]

pub struct RandomState {
    // some fields omitted
Unstable (hashmap_hasher #27713)

: hashing an hash maps may be altered

RandomState is the default state for HashMap types.

A particular instance RandomState will create the same instances of Hasher, but the hashers created by two different RandomState instances are unlikely to produce the same result for the same values.


impl RandomState

fn new() -> RandomState

Unstable (hashmap_hasher #27713)

: hashing an hash maps may be altered

Constructs a new RandomState that is initialized with random keys.

Trait Implementations

impl HashState for RandomState

type Hasher = SipHasher

fn hasher(&self) -> SipHasher

impl Default for RandomState

fn default() -> RandomState

Derived Implementations

impl Clone for RandomState

fn clone(&self) -> RandomState

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)