Enum std::env::VarError [] [src]

pub enum VarError {

Possible errors from the env::var method.



The specified environment variable was not present in the current process's environment.


The specified environment variable was found, but it did not contain valid unicode data. The found data is returned as a payload of this variant.

Trait Implementations

impl Display for VarError

fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter) -> Result

impl Error for VarError

fn description(&self) -> &str

fn cause(&self) -> Option<&Error>

Derived Implementations

impl Clone for VarError

fn clone(&self) -> VarError

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

impl Eq for VarError

impl PartialEq for VarError

fn eq(&self, __arg_0: &VarError) -> bool

fn ne(&self, __arg_0: &VarError) -> bool

impl Debug for VarError

fn fmt(&self, __arg_0: &mut Formatter) -> Result