Struct std::io::StderrLock [] [src]

pub struct StderrLock<'a> {
    // some fields omitted

A locked reference to the Stderr handle.

This handle implements the Write trait and is constructed via the lock method on Stderr.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a> Write for StderrLock<'a>

fn write(&mut self, buf: &[u8]) -> Result<usize>

fn flush(&mut self) -> Result<()>

fn write_all(&mut self, buf: &[u8]) -> Result<()>

fn write_fmt(&mut self, fmt: Arguments) -> Result<()>

fn by_ref(&mut self) -> &mut Self where Self: Sized

fn broadcast<W: Write>(self, other: W) -> Broadcast<Self, W> where Self: Sized