Enum std::net::SocketAddr [] [src]

pub enum SocketAddr {

Representation of a socket address for networking applications.

A socket address can either represent the IPv4 or IPv6 protocol and is paired with at least a port number as well. Each protocol may have more specific information about the address available to it as well.



An IPv4 socket address which is a (ip, port) combination.


An IPv6 socket address


impl SocketAddr

fn new(ip: IpAddr, port: u16) -> SocketAddr

Deprecated since 1.6.0

: ip type too small a type to pull its weight

Creates a new socket address from the (ip, port) pair.

fn ip(&self) -> IpAddr

Deprecated since 1.6.0

: too small a type to pull its weight

Returns the IP address associated with this socket address.

fn port(&self) -> u16

Returns the port number associated with this socket address.

Trait Implementations

impl Display for SocketAddr

fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter) -> Result

impl ToSocketAddrs for SocketAddr

type Iter = IntoIter<SocketAddr>

fn to_socket_addrs(&self) -> Result<IntoIter<SocketAddr>>

impl FromStr for SocketAddr

type Err = AddrParseError

fn from_str(s: &str) -> Result<SocketAddr, AddrParseError>

Derived Implementations

impl Debug for SocketAddr

fn fmt(&self, __arg_0: &mut Formatter) -> Result

impl Hash for SocketAddr

fn hash<__H: Hasher>(&self, __arg_0: &mut __H)

fn hash_slice<H>(data: &[Self], state: &mut H) where H: Hasher

impl Eq for SocketAddr

impl PartialEq for SocketAddr

fn eq(&self, __arg_0: &SocketAddr) -> bool

fn ne(&self, __arg_0: &SocketAddr) -> bool

impl Clone for SocketAddr

fn clone(&self) -> SocketAddr

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

impl Copy for SocketAddr