Module std::simd [] [src]

Deprecated since 1.3.0

: use the external simd crate instead

SIMD vectors.

These types can be used for accessing basic SIMD operations. Currently comparison operators are not implemented. To use SSE3+, you must enable the features, like -C target-feature=sse3,sse4.1,sse4.2, or a more specific target-cpu. No other SIMD intrinsics or high-level wrappers are provided beyond this module.

Stability Note

These are all experimental. The interface may change entirely, without warning.


f32x4 [Deprecated]
f64x2 [Deprecated]
i16x8 [Deprecated]
i32x4 [Deprecated]
i64x2 [Deprecated]
i8x16 [Deprecated]
u16x8 [Deprecated]
u32x4 [Deprecated]
u64x2 [Deprecated]
u8x16 [Deprecated]