Enum std::sync::mpsc::TryRecvError [] [src]

pub enum TryRecvError {

This enumeration is the list of the possible reasons that try_recv could not return data when called.



This channel is currently empty, but the sender(s) have not yet disconnected, so data may yet become available.


This channel's sending half has become disconnected, and there will never be any more data received on this channel

Trait Implementations

impl Display for TryRecvError

fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter) -> Result

impl Error for TryRecvError

fn description(&self) -> &str

fn cause(&self) -> Option<&Error>

Derived Implementations

impl Debug for TryRecvError

fn fmt(&self, __arg_0: &mut Formatter) -> Result

impl Copy for TryRecvError

impl Clone for TryRecvError

fn clone(&self) -> TryRecvError

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

impl Eq for TryRecvError

impl PartialEq for TryRecvError

fn eq(&self, __arg_0: &TryRecvError) -> bool

fn ne(&self, __arg_0: &TryRecvError) -> bool